Welcome to Pyro Productionz

Established in 2013 we are a production company that creates artistic shows, from events, weddings, waterparks, birthdays, festivals, private, corporate events and community events to projects. We produce workshops and have a special interest in working with young people and have established a successful outreach programme. At this present time, we are working hard to fine tune our training programme in order to involve more young people and adults in our organisation.

By doing this we plan to provide more opportunities for our young people of today, by finding common interests, provide intensive training sessions and give real work opportunities around the world.

Within our company, you will find access to not only world class training, entertainment, access to personal development programmes and specialist circus skills, but more importantly, you will be part of our global family. Check out our Meet The Team page.

Our Ethos:

The Ethos of Pyro Productionz is made up of distinctive character, spirit and attitude of the organisation which together inspire  others to pursue the spirit of adventure while providing a framework upon which to build sound moral principles and develop the desires for achievement and self improvement and thereby provide example and leadership for the young people and country.(Adapted from the Air Training Corps) ‘Venture Adventure’ 


Our Core Values:

Pyro Productionz core values include responsibility, respect for self and others, fostering spirit, pride in our community, reasoning, honour and developing confidence. We hold integrity and love for the arts in high regard, by using continuous focus in personal development our training programme includes practical approaches to physical health, mental health, wellbeing and life skills.

Our Mission:

  • To promote the interest of the artistic services in the UK & Europe
  • Responsible for developing the artistic and LGBT enterprise
  • Create new and innovative shows that exceed imagination
  • Widening access to and promote circus skills as an art form
  • Fostering creativity and adventure in young people
  • Develop confidence, resilience and self-discipline

We will deliver this by:

  • Opening a dialogue with our neighbouring countries and working partnerships.
  • Gain understanding of different backgrounds, cultures and identities.
  • Becoming a voice for the community and young people.
  • Providing a helping hand to our community and seek active engagement in charity organisations.
  • Providing opportunities and platforms for young people to achieve future goals.
  • By inspiring new leaders and ambassadors for change.