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Pyro Productionz is dedicated to supplying the highest standard of production advice and entertainment. We aim to fulfil all the requirements and requests from our team, clients and young people.


All of our shows, workshops, fire acts, fire eaters, fire artists, fire walkabouts, fire characters, fire dancers, are performed by a group of highly trained (not to mention insured), pro technicians.

Each artist, a true master with his or her own pyrotechnic paraphernalia. We use contemporary inspiration and the element of fire is presented in a multitude of forms to create our unique blend of light and dance.

We use many exciting fiery tools and fire techniques in our shows such as fire eating, fire spinning, fire twirling, and fire breathing. We use a variety of fire toys such as poi, staffs, fire fingers, fire swords, fire fans, fire skipping rope, fire clothing and much more!

Our high impact fire shows can be completely choreographed and performed to our or your favourite music. If you have space restrictions or you would simply like us to meet and greet your guests, we can freestyle to any music or provide you with live percussion to liven up the atmosphere!


Every style of fire is unique to the needs of our clients, many fire sets and performed using at least two fire performers or more depending on the scale of the show you would like. Adding more artists expands the choices of entertainers we can provide such as acrobats and dancers.

The shows can be performed indoors (with the right precautions) or outdoors. The fire effect is best appreciated in the evening.


Outreach Programmes

Our Company provides creative workshops, fun activities for all ages to enjoy. Including circus skills, fire artistry, healthy eating and science you will find options for all occasions. Pyro specialises in finding innovative ways to increase experience and actively engage with young people of all backgrounds using personal development through forms of art and expression; we aim to create the right environment for opportunities and further growth.

Workshops can be covered from ages ranging from 4 years to 80+

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